Investigator-initiated Trials

Celgene Corporation is committed to changing the course of human health through bold pursuits in science. The mission and purpose of the Investigator-Initiated program are to provide support for investigator-initiated research (“IITs”) in disease areas that help advance the medical and scientific knowledge of Celgene compounds.

At this time, BMS will be prioritizing review of new Investigator Sponsored Research concepts related to the use of BMS medicines (abatacept, ozanimod, fedratinib in particular) in the context of COVID-19. All COVID-19 concepts must be submitted using this form and sent to

Celgene may provide grant funding, and/or drug supply depending on the type of research.? Proposals are reviewed by the Celgene Internal Review Committee (IRC) based on scientific merit, research priorities, and available resources.

If you are:

  • from any country interested in proposing an Inflammation and Immunology IIT, or
  • located in the Americas, proposing an IIT in the area of Hematology or Oncology

Please submit your request directly through IMAGE – Celgene’s “IIT Medical Affairs Global Enterprise” System. Submission of a request does not guarantee approval.

Submit a request for a Clinical Investigator-initiated Trial

If you are a located outside of the Americas and wish to propose a Hematology or Oncology IIT, please contact your local Field Medical Associate or Local Celgene office to discuss your IIT proposal.
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