Political Contributions

Celgene has a?Corporate Policy on Political Contributions and Lobbying?that governs the company’s lobbying and political activities. The Policy governs both direct lobbying (requiring that any direct lobbying on behalf of Celgene be approved in advance and conducted in accordance with U.S. federal and state law) and grassroots lobbying (communicating with the public or a segment of the public encouraging contact with public officials on public policy issues).

Celgene complies with all U.S. federal and state laws regulating lobbying activities, including reporting and disclosure requirements. We file quarterly reports of our federal lobbying activity and biannual contribution reports in accordance with the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007. These reports are publicly available?here.

Celgene is registered with the European Union Transparency Register established by the European Parliament and European Commission and supported by the Council of the European Union. This voluntary register and associated code of conduct provides citizens direct access to information about who is engaged in activities aimed at influencing the EU decision making process, which interests are being pursued and what level of resources are invested in these activities. Click?here?for Celgene’s registration.

With respect to political activity in the U.S., Celgene’s Corporate Policy on Political Contributions and Lobbying prohibits use of corporate resources on political activity except with respect to the Celgene Corporation Political Action Committee (Celgene PAC) and corporate political contributions in states where permitted by law.

The Celgene PAC is a voluntary organization funded by contributions from eligible employees. It is governed by the Celgene PAC Board, consisting of a cross-functional group of company employees that makes decisions on any political contributions made by the Celgene PAC or by the company.

These contributions are reported to the Federal Election Commission on a regular basis, available here , and to state election commissions as required by law. In addition, to ensure transparency, information about all political contributions in the U.S. by the Celgene PAC or the company is provided in a semiannual report posted on the company website, categorized by state, candidate, political affiliation and amount.

Click here for more information on Celgene PAC and Political Contributions Governance and Transparency.

Click here for the First Half 2019 Political Contributions Report, including all political contributions by Celgene PAC and the Company made in the U.S. in the first half of 2019.

Previous Political Contributions Reports

Celgene’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Market Access, who reports to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and serves on Celgene’s Executive Committee, is responsible for Celgene’s public policy, advocacy and political activity (including Celgene PAC, corporate political contributions and ensuring compliance with the Corporate Policy on Political Contributions and Lobbying), and provides periodic updates to the Executive Committee on these initiatives. In addition, at least annually, the Nominating, Governance and Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors reviews the company’s public policy advocacy, political activity and the Corporate Policy on Political Contributions and Lobbying.