Celgene Cancer Care Links? Frequently Asked Questions

What is Celgene Cancer Care Links??

Celgene Cancer Care Links is a grant program to support cancer healthcare capacity building in resource-constrained countries around the world. As part of this program, Celgene collaborates with local communities and institutions focused on enhancing patient care and building sustainable cancer care systems. The program was initiated in 2018 and we are pleased to announce that it will continue in 2019.

Celgene Cancer Care Links program is a demonstration of Celgene’s commitment to improving the lives of patients worldwide and is part of our global health and corporate responsibility initiatives.

Why did Celgene create this grant program?

Many parts of the world dealing with poverty, infectious disease, and food insecurity, now must face the additional burden posed by non-communicable diseases (NCDs; such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer). Organizations and medical centers with cancer expertise have developed programs to share their knowledge and resources to meet the needs in these resource-constrained countries. However, the burden of cancer in these locations continues to need additional support, as recognized by many organizations, including the World Health Organization, American Cancer Society and the Union for International Cancer Control.

As part of Celgene’s dedication to changing the course of human health as well as our commitment to addressing the needs of cancer patients, Celgene has participated in cancer care in Africa with a program in Kenya, managed by AMPATH (Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare). To continue to help with the growing worldwide cancer burden, Celgene Cancer Care Links program will fund initiatives, which enhance patient cancer care in currently resource-constrained countries of the world.

How does Celgene Cancer Care Links program support global health and the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Celgene is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda. Celgene Cancer Care Links program is designed to directly contribute to SDG #3 to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.”

The program also supports Celgene’s commitment to Access Accelerated, a partnership of over 20 biopharmaceutical companies developing innovative and sustainable solutions to improve access to non-communicable disease treatment and care in low and middle-income countries (www.AccessAccelerated.org)

What initiatives will be considered for Celgene Cancer Care Links program?

Programs will be considered in the following areas:

  • Oncology training programs
  • Cancer prevention, detection and treatment programs
  • Nursing training programs and services
  • Pharmacy training programs and services
  • General medical support programs for cancer management
  • Awareness and education for patients and community care providers

Who is eligible to apply?

The program will focus on centers that meet these criteria:

  • Senior physician(s) with knowledge and experience in oncology
  • Qualified staff including nursing, pharmacy and (if applicable) radiation therapy professionals
  • Recognized center, e.g. recipient of funding from host government, endorsement of program by Ministry of Health, member of regional or international consortium
  • Partnership with an established medical center outside of the host country
  • Knowledge and experience with compliance requirements
  • Applicants with multiple funding sources are preferred

What are the grant terms and details?

It is anticipated that most grants in this program would be $100,000 per year, although other grant amounts may be considered. The initial grant will be for one year only. The initial grant will be renewable for additional years based on progress reports and amended applications.

Grants will be provided to programs that have measurable short-term objectives but are also aimed at building long-term capacity for cancer care. Programs must be consistent with the long-term health strategy for the location.

Additional details on grant terms and reporting requirements will be made available to recipients upon award. Other terms and restrictions apply and all grants are subject to execution of a grant funding agreement.

Note: Grants cannot be allocated for purchase of capital equipment or construction. Purchases of medicines may not be eligible for grant funding depending on jurisdiction. In order to be eligible to apply, overhead and other indirect costs cannot exceed 15% of the total grant budget.

How can I apply?

You are invited to submit a Letter of Intent via mbgblcancercarelinks@celgene.com by March 15, 2019. Celgene will review the submissions and notify applicants whose programs meet the stated criteria to submit a full proposal. By May 31, 2019 full proposals must be submitted. Recipients will be notified of the awards in Fall 2019.

Guidance for Letter of Intent (no more than one page):

  • Description of sponsor center and the partner cancer center in host country
    • Location
    • Description of facility, capabilities and staff
  • Description of program for which grant is requested
    • Type of program (see list under “Program eligibility” above)
    • Objectives of program and unmet need addressed by program
    • Preliminary budget allocation, anticipated sources of funding, and program timelines
    • Please note that the indirect costs cannot exceed 15% of the total budget.